Steve auctioning at San Diego's 10 Best Dressed Charity Gala.

Steve auctioning at San Diego’s 10 Best Dressed Charity Gala.

Steve brings the true meaning of “Fun” to fundraising, He entered the auction scene in 1988 at a Make- A -Wish Foundation benefit event in Coronado, CA.

Steve pays close attention to all the intricate details that lead up to the FUN. His goal is to make the auction portion of your event so energetic and fun, that your audience will be eager to give and will leave entertained. Steve is highly skilled at enticing crowd members to raise their paddles in the name of a good cause.

Not only is Steve quick and convincing on the microphone, he is also considered a valued consultant during the planning process leading up to the event. He strives to increase fundraising effectiveness so that his clients raise all the funds they can, and are more than satisfied.

Auction at Capella Hotel Cabo San Lucas

Perhaps Steve’s truest skill as an auctioneer is encouraging audiences to have fun, participate and BID, he does this by using his vocal talent to engage, inspire and attract bids fom all directions… many times from bidders who have never bid before.

Steve truly brings 100% to every auction he conducts.

Auctioneering Demo

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